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Komurasaki is an oiran living in Wano Country, having the highest rank of all of them. Komurasaki is a slim woman who appears average in height but wears geta to make her look very tall. Her dark hair is extremely adorned, with multiple flowers and pins attached to it. She wears an extremely opulent furisode kimono that sparkles in the sunlight, with the sleeve adorned with a peacock and flowers on it. Her appearance is considered by many to be amazingly beautiful to the point where men are blinded or pass out by trying to gaze at her.

Komurasaki seems to be kind to those she is close to, such as her kamuro Toko. However, she is also extremely greedy and materialistic, exploiting those enamored with her into funding her lavish lifestyle. After successfully swindling her victims, she treats them very coldly without any compassion or remorse, saying that she despises the poor.

During her career, Komurasaki courted several men, claiming to want her freedom purchased before the shogun Orochi took her and agreeing to go with each man if they managed to do this. The men gave up everything they had to raise the money, which they put in her possession. However, Komurasaki spent the money and cast the men aside after they had contributed the amount she requested, leaving them without anything. Komurasaki was chosen by the shogun of Wano, Kurozumi Orochi, to perform her services at his banquet. She made her way through the streets of the Flower Capital as the citizens gazed at her in awe, and she was joined by her kamuro Toko who had come late to the procession. She was then confronted by some men whom she had swindled, but her guard defeated them. As the men cried in anguish, she mocked and degraded them as she walked away from them. She later made it to Orochi's palace.

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