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One Piece 925 Manga Release I enjoyed the end of Wano's first act the last 4-5 chapters, but everything before that was either slow, uninteresting, or typical one piece formula crew separation, Luffy causing chaos immediately, damsel in distress that needs to be rescued, with only a few highlights mostly from Zoro or badass Luffy in between. So all in all, the first act of Wano was good but couldn't 100% fulfill my high expectations. Reverie on the other hand was one chapter bomb after the other. I prefer information-rich chapters over fighting chapters, so Reverie had me excited quite a lot. The personal OP Discord server I am part of exploded during the Reverie. During Wano, it only exploded near the end. No moment in Wano was able to top Shanks' meeting with the Gorosei yet. The Reverie arc was the only arc that made me vote "Epic" chapter ratings on orojackson, didn't happen before afair. Literally broke my heart when Oda switched to Wano, and I remember the disappointment around here was big too. The Reverie just had people excited to the point of happily waiting longer for Wano to begin. So while, after a slow start, I really came to enjoy Wano, it doesn't have me as excited yet as the Reverie arc. The Reverie was really something else.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Shutenmaru is the leader of the Atamayama Thieves who reside somewhere in Wano Country. Shutenmaru is a large man with light puffy hair that is gathered into a topknot. He wears an open kimono with flowers on it that leaves his chest exposed. Shutenmaru is a thief who is out to support himself and is callous towards everyone he steals from regardless of what position they are in. He has stolen both from the shogun Kurozumi Orochi and from the most impoverished citizens through the exact same motivation. He is also very aggressive and prideful, as shown when he attacked Jack and was utterly fearless about facing the Disaster. Shutenmaru is a master thief, skilled enough to steal from Orochi's farm without being stopped by any of the samurai or Beasts Pirates working under the shogun, and to hide from them for weeks without being discovered.

A testament to Shutenmaru's combat abilities is that Kaido, one of the Yonko, wants him to become his subordinate. The Beasts Pirates respect for Shutenmaru also manifested when Holdem believed that Monkey D. Luffy's strength made it likely that he was Shutenmaru's subordinate. Despite his large size, Shutenmaru is extremely fast, being capable of charging towards Jack in a instant. He also possesses a fair amount of endurance, as he was seemingly unaffected when Jack cut him in the shoulder. Shutenmaru is a powerful master swordsman. With one slash, he was able to give Jack a large cut across his chest and break one of his shotel blades. He then proceeded to fight evenly with Kaido's right-hand man in what spectators considered to be a high-level duel. A few weeks before Monkey D. Luffy's arrival at Wano Country, Shutenmaru and other thieves managed to steal food from the farm of the shogun, Kurozumi Orochi, in Kuri. Shutenmaru and his thieves came to Okobore Town, where they stole the fresh food that Luffy had given to the residents there. He was confronted by an old woman who believed that the samurai would return to protect them, but before he could attack her, he was confronted by Jack of the Beasts Pirates. Jack asked about the Straw Hat Pirates, saying Shutenmaru had only been left alive because Kaido wanted him as his subordinate. Shutenmaru refused this offer as he gave Jack a massive cut, and the two began fighting. Jack managed to wound Shutenmaru, but he was unwavering. However, their duel was interrupted when Kaido came flying in to tell Jack to bring the Straw Hats to him.

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