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One Piece 930 Manga Release: - In the cover we can see uroge and cracker riding dolphins. Big mom pirates arrives to wanokuni the same way luffy did. Yes, big mom's with them and now is big mom. However, big mom ship fires to the sea peaks (perospero smoothie and daifuku destroy some of them too) and they use carps to navigate through the sea.. We can't see katakuri, but we see mont d or or flampe. When big mom ship arrives at the peak of the waterfall, king arrive in dinosaur form and shot to the carps. We can see fire around king. Big mom ship can't reach the peak of the waterfall and fall into the sea. We can see big mom sinking into the sea. We only see big mom sinking but ship doesn't reach the peak of the waterfall, so it falls down the waterfall again. King's devil fruit is "Ryuu ryuu no mi 'ancient zoan' model 'pteranodon'". Kaido celebrates king attack. Law, usopp, franky and sanji try to escape from the area. Page one is destroying all soba stands, so he's going to stop him. Sanji kicks page one but he's ok. At the end of the chapter, sanji shows the raid suit and he wonders if he should use it.

Friday, January 18, 2019

One Piece Chapter 930 Manga Page 1

Read One Piece 930 English Online for free in high quality scans. The following one piece chapter 930 with subtitle in english has been released. I think the obvious plot point brewing on Zoro's side is eventually meeting this Lord Ushimitsu character. I know there are going to be a lot of popular theories that he's either Denjiro or Kawamatsu due to his benevolence at a time when Kaido/Orochi's rule is absolute, but I'm really just hoping he's awesome, powerful character that will eventually help. Did anyone else think right away of Yoshimitsu from Soul Caliber/Tekken? Lol I knew Big Mom was coming, but I did NOT expect her to get here this soon. We knew a few days had gone by since we've been in Wano so it makes total sense, but I don't think even the most modest of expectations saw her getting there 21 chapters into the arc. That said, I don't think it's a coincidence that the Sweet Commanders who have been defeated by Supernova happen to not be present lol. That only brings up a more interesting point though King's comment. Just what the hell is Big Mom expecting to do with one ship? There's likely more to the plan than meets the eye, considering Big Mom knew that Kaido knew she was coming. I can't put into words how hype I am at the possibility we get to see two Yonko clash in earnest.
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Drake wields a sword and a 4-bladed axe, both of which are useless to him in his Allosaurus form due to the short arms. All this to say, King fighting in his human/hybrid form is truly about to be a sight to behold. I just want my boy Sanji to get a W Oda. This is not looking good. Page One not being bothered by Sanji's kick doesn't bother me. Sanji already being pushed to the point of wanting to use the Raid Suit, after all that talk about how he was above a power such as that technology, triggers me like you wouldn't believe. The man can't catch a break. If he's gotta bring the big guns out already on a headliner, I'm afraid for his ability to rise to the challenge to potentially face Queen. At the very least I'm sure he's gonna look awesome in this suit I suppose, so a part of me is still hype to see it. Just something I was expecting to be one of those end of the arc, final push kinda moments when he finally used it.

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